Homeschoolers Have Found Christian Leaders Institute As Their Free Homeschool Ministry College for Themselves and Their Young Free homeschool collegeChristian Leaders!

Do you homeschool? Are you looking for free homeschool ministry college with courses for your young adults? Christian Leaders Institute appreciates homeschooling families.

Homeschooling families understand the strengths of home-study discipline. Christian Leaders is perfect for those who know how to study at home.

Homeschooling Dads and Moms are more than teachers; they are mentors to their children. Many Homeschooler Mothers and fathers are being trained so they can more effectively offer Home Discipleship to their children. Many home schooling students are taking ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute.  This free homeschool ministry college including awards and transcripts that will transfer to a growing list of schools. The program includes an increasing number of high-quality courses.

There are several benefits to this free homeschool ministry college opportunity for parents or student:

  • More Advanced Home Discipleship Training – The most important benefit for a homeschooled young person is more home discipleship. This course of study continues the discipleship tradition of Christian parents.  In some cases, this study will develop a Christian walk beyond a lacking home situation. Many moms have been taking classes to make them even more effective at offering home discipleship to their children. Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.15.32 PM
  • Prepared Young People to be effective Christian Leaders – A homeschooling family can make use of this training. The whole family can be prepared to bi-vocational service to a local church.
  • Give an early start on College Education in Ministry – Some students may want to attend a graduate seminary and want to get a head start on preparing. Some moms or dads may be called into ministry after the homeschooling years.
  •  Seminary Transfer Options – Christian Leaders Institute may be a place to get a Bachelor of Divinity for acceptance into a seminary.  Colleges and Seminaries like Western Theological Seminary, Calvin Theological Seminary, and Vision International University will accept of Christian Leaders Institute graduates.
  • Give a ministry education for church service and ordination – Some homeschooled parents or graduates have ministry callings, and they want to get training to Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.17.32 PMget right into ministry as soon as possible.
  • Affordable – Many homeschooling families have very tight budgets and cannot afford an expensive college option. Christian Leaders Institute offers a free model of high-quality ministry training. The training includes certificates, diplomas, and degrees. The only cost is “official” awards or some administration costs in the four-year program.
  • Fits Many Homeschooled families – Even if the homeschooled Young person wanted to go to a traditional college for other callings, this Christian Leaders Institute study would give outstanding preparation for the rigors of later study. Some parents and children will get their degree together. No cheating of course!
  • Home Study degree program –  Parents, local pastors and community leaders work together in providing home disciple mentorship while students study at Christian Leaders Institute.
  • Responsive Devises on the Internet – Christian Leaders Institute brings you the entire school on your  smartphones, tablets, and computers. Lectures, materials, and quizzes are in a digital format. All materials are free of charge.
  • Home Schooled families study with others from over 148 countries. They become exposed to Christian leaders from different places in this international school of ministry.
  • Hundreds of homeschooling young people and parents have enrolled in the getting started class called Christian Basics. No transcripts are needed for admission. If you or young leader graduates from the getting started class, you are automatically ushered in the program with a scholarship for all their ministry training.
  • Homeschool Friendly – Christian Leaders Institute serves the global community including over 6000 graduates of various award levels, yet it owes much to the homeschooling experience of  President Henry Reyenga JR and Provost Dr. David Feddes.

Maybe you with your homeschooled young adult would like to take the Getting Started Class together to experience the high-quality college level training available to you free of charge.

Enroll Now. Get Started Immediately.

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