Homeschoolers Studying New Testament Greek

Homeschoolers Studying New Testament Greek

homeschoolers studying new testament greek

The four of us are studying Greek together. How fun!

My daughter Abby was in her 8th grade year of our homeschooling.  Dr. David Feddes put together a tremendous New Testament Greek Class online. I have always like the idea of homeschoolers studying New Testament Greek.

My daughter enrolled in the Greek 1 class at Christian Leaders Institute with two other homeschooled young Christian leaders. In many ways, a small homeschool co-op was formed studying New Testament Greek. These homeschooled young Christian leaders had a great year. I also noticed more benefits of Homeschoolers studying New Testament Greek for their life preparation.

Benefits of Homeschoolers Studying New Testament Greek

1. Reading the New Testament in the Original language – The New Testament was written in common Greek of that era. Learning to read that language brings your Young Christian Leader more in touch with was was actually written by the Disciples and Apostles. Home Schoolers studying New Testament Greek will see many important spiritual lessons lost in translation. Check out this link from the Institute of Biblical Greek

After Abby had studied New Testament Greek, we have often talked about translation issues. Our home discipleship was enhanced because of her New Testament Greek studies.

2. Studying Greek Makes Other Languages Easier. If you can learn Greek, you can learn other languages. When Abby entered High School, she took French. She often commented that studying New Testament Greek prepared her for studying French. She also commented on how many Greek words found themselves in French and English.

3. Studying Greek Makes English Skills Better – At Christian Leaders Institute, Homeschoolers studying New Testament Greek online make their English skill stronger. The courses are taught through the efforts of Dr. Ted Hillebrand and Dr. David Feddes with extra material connecting Greek to English studies. The course is designed so that students will learn English at a greater and deeper level.

4. Memorization Skills are Strengthened – Homeschoolers studying New Testament Greek in their studies learn how to memorize. The advances in technology make this a fantastic time to memorize Greek because so many smartphone apps are available to help. Many of these aps make memorizing Greek fun. Many aps even pronounce the Greek word.

5. Confidence in Academics – Homeschoolers studying New Testament Greek for a year changes them academically. If you can pass Greek, you can handle anything. I remember when I was in college and studied New Testament Greek. I struggled through high school but felt called into ministry. After I succeeded in Greek, I became confident. Every other subject seemed easy in comparison to Greek. The fact is learning Greek is not that difficult, but it forces you to develop habits that raise you study game. Those habits tend to translate into academic confidence. I saw that with my own daughter after she completed one year of Greek studies.

6. Builds Community – Homeschoolers studying New Testament Greek often find that they should meet together for encouragement and accountability. Some of you will want to study Greek with your homeschooled young Christian leader.

My brother Rich and I joined the homeschoolers studying New Testament Greek for that year. For me, I refreshed what I learn years ago. I appreciated New Testament Greek even more. My brother learned it for the first time with the home schooled students. It was fun to do that study together. My brother in his sixties bonded with my last born daughter, Abby, from the uncle she never knew to a close family member and mentor.

7. Best Time to Study Greek – Homeschoolers studying New Testament Greek have the benefit of youth on their side. The young mind can memorize. When you are young is when you need the powerful Word of God to help build your faith.

Christian Leaders Institute offers homeschoolers studying New Testament Greek a free opportunity. This could be an opportunity to study with your young Christian Leaders. Maybe a homeschooling dad wants to participate with a group of homeschoolers.

Enrollment is easy. You or your child for that matter, enroll in the Getting Started class called Christian Basics, which brings you an orientation to Christian Leaders Institute and studies calling, walk with God and Basic Christian doctrine. After you graduate from this class, you or your child will receive a certificate of Christian Basics and a scholarship to Christian Leaders Institute.

After you receive that scholarship, you and/or your child is invited to enroll in the New Testament Greek Class as well as 25 other classes.

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