homeschool mom gets ministry traiining

Homeschool Mom Gets Ministry Training

South African Homeschool Mom Gets Ministry Training

Homeschool mom gets ministry training is something I love to hear! God is raising up powerful women who are not content with letting the world tumble away from the God of the universe. Riki van Deventer of South Africa is called by God to ministry. This homeschool mom gets ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. Her story encourages us to know that in every part of the world leaders are being raised up to bring revival. Riki tells us about her journey.

Homeschool Mom Gets Ministry Training

Riki van Deventer with her husband

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. My name is Riki van Deventer, and I live in South Africa, which is a country where we have religious freedom, but where immorality abounds. Many South Africans profess to be Christians, but only a few live a Christ-centered life. As a result, most of the youth of our day don’t have examples of what it is like to live for Christ. Their moral values are mostly influenced by what their friends say and do, and, of course, the media. There is such a need for the true gospel to penetrate hearts and regenerate lives.

I was raised in a Christian family where we were taught about God, the Bible and prayer from a very young age. I was still a child when I asked Jesus to come into my heart, but as I grew older, my love for God grew cold. In the year 2001, God again awakened that “first love” in my heart. I rededicated my life to God, and since then, have gotten to know God more intimately.

Sometime after I came back to the Lord, He place in my heart a love for the lost, especially for the youth and children. My dream is to do reach out to children at schools and orphanages. I pray that they may get to know the Love of God through me and that that love will draw them to Christ.

I identify myself most as an evangelist or a youth worker. I see myself as part of a team. Both my sisters went to Bible College and already had some ministry training, and if it is God’s will, we want to do ministry together. We don’t want to attempt anything out of ourselves, and pray that God will lead us step by step through the Holy Spirit, so that every word we say, will be the words He placed in our hearts and mouths. To Him alone be the glory and the honor.

Shortly after I rededicated my life to Christ, someone I don’t even know prophesied that God wants to use me among the youth. That was confirmation of what I already felt in my heart. A Few months later, I was asked to become a youth group leader at our church in Port Elizabeth. We later moved to Johannesburg, and a few months later I got married.

Homeschool Mom Gets Ministry Training

My ministry dream faded into the background of everyday life, raising kids, and later homeschooling. The desire still stayed, but I it seemed as if I would not be able to pursue my dream at that stage. Recently, I took my youngest boy for speech therapy at an orphanage, and my dream became alive again. But I did not know how to get started. When my sisters went to a Bible College, I so much wanted to join them, but couldn’t. In December 2014, I first read about CLI, and I realized that this was the opportunity for me to get the training I need for the ministry

There are many challenges in our area. The first challenge that comes to mind is the fact that almost every individual believes that he or she will one day go to heaven, even those who never received Jesus as their personal Savior. I raise the subject of salvation, they will many times say something like “I’m a good person!” or “I’ve got my church!” Another group believes that the Bible is proven wrong by Science, and more specifically Evolution, and many of them say there is no God.

The church where I attend is a small church on a farm. We are a very close community, and love one another very much. The people there support me in many ways, but the most important one for me, would be prayer. If I ever am uncertain about what to do, or if I go through some trials, I can always be certain of their prayers.

I have a wonderful, supportive family. My husband is not just a loving spouse, but also a very close friend. He helps me to download the videos at his business, and even sometimes watches the classes with me. My parents also encourage me to live out my calling. They also pray for me a lot. And even my other relatives are very supportive. I am very grateful for such an amazing family.

I believe God led me to CLI to equip me with the training and knowledge I need to proclaim the Gospel accurately and more effectively. In the “getting started class”, I have already learned so much, and I am looking forward to extending my knowledge of God and His Word even further. CLI also equips me raise my children as disciples of Christ.

As a co-worker in God’s acre, and as a representative of God, I need wisdom and knowledge to do what God has called me to do. Please pray that I will firstly grow in my personal relationship with God and that I will never allow anything, not even ministry, to compete with my walk with God. Also, pray that the Holy Spirit will lead me in His Perfect will and that He will work in and through me to bring others to Himself.

Homeschool mom gets ministry training – Is that you next?

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