You’ll find a variety of classes at Christian Leaders Institute that can fit diverse curriculum needs. When you sign up, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the first class, which is titled Getting Started: Christian Leaders Formation. This class will introduce students to Christian Leaders Institute, the way the courses and programs work, and the “seven connections.”

Here are some ways that you can use Christian Leaders Institute courses to enhance your curriculum:

1. Basic Biblical Studies Homeschool Curriculum

This method takes the classes at Christian Leaders Institute and fits them to a curriculum that will help the student examine and understand the Bible. If this curriculum sounds like what you’re looking for, you would probably be interested in the following courses:

  • Christian Basics – This foundational ministry training course focuses on some of the most basic truths in God’s Word, the Bible, for guiding Christian belief and behavior. Students will learn these truths, find where they are taught in Scripture, and grow in their ability to state Christian truths clearly and briefly to others.
  • Old Testament Survey – This ministry training course examines the historical writings of the Old Testament, focusing on the stories of God’s dealings with Israel in preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ. The class also shows some applications for contemporary Christian living and preaching. (The Old Testament’s detailed laws, Psalms, wisdom writings, and prophets are featured in other classes.)
  • New Testament Survey – This class explores God’s Word in the New Testament, paying particular attention to literary, historical, and theological dimensions.

A student who completes all three of these classes will earn the Christian Leaders Bible Certificate.

2. Advanced Biblical Studies Homeschool Curriculum

If you’re looking to get deeper into the truth of the word, this curriculum is the one for you! There are several classes prepared and taught by professors across the U.S. that examine topics such as hermeneutics, exegesis, interpretation, archaeological and historical evidence, ancient world culture and how it relates to the scriptures, and more. If this sounds exciting to you, you should definitely consider these courses:

  • Hermeneutics and Exegesis – This ministry training course deals with key issues in how to interpret the Bible. Students learn basic elements for studying a passage and practice using methods to become more skilled in understanding biblical passages and preparing sermons.
  • Biblical Interpretation 1 & 2 – These courses look at some major Biblical events, key persons, important Biblical archeological sites and themes in the history of the Biblical revelation. Biblical Interpretation 1 covers mostly Old Testament material, while Biblical Interpretation 2 covers mostly New Testament Material. You must complete the Old and New Testament Survey courses before taking Biblical Interpretation 1 and 2.
  • Theology I and II – These courses talk about important subjects such as scripture, God, creation, humanity, sin, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, the application of salvation, and the future. You must take Theology I before you can take Theology II
  • Biblical Greek I, II, and III – Greek can be a great tool for those who really want a deeper understanding of New Testament scripture. These classes, which must be taken in order, provide students with a working knowledge of Greek.
  • Biblical Wisdom – This course examines the wisdom writings of Old Testament sages and poets: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and Lamentations. The class shows the relevance of Old Testament wisdom for knowing God’s wisdom in Christ and following Jesus today.
  • Old Testament Literature, History, and Theology – Old Testament Literature, History, and Theology examines Old Testament history and teaching within the cultural, geographical and literary backgrounds of the ancient Near East.  Archaeology, comparative history and literature as well as key theological themes underlying the New Testament and Western culture are explored. The Old Testament is one of the greatest pieces of literature of all time. Its text will be explored to answer some of the great questions that have faced humankind for millennia.

By the time you, or your homeschooled teenagers, finish these courses, you’ll be well prepared to engage in ministry – or just everyday Christian life – wherever God has called you.

3. The Church Through the Ages and Personal Improvement

Knowing the history of the church can really help you understand the denominations and denominational differences today. This can be very important when it comes to relating to people in various denominations, or even just knowing how your own denomination came to be.

It’s also important in ministry to know as much as you can about how you’re perceived by others. To help with this, Christian Leaders Institute offers some courses that focus on people skills. These courses put people skills in the context of Christianity and ministry, and even show how many of these skills that professionals today are “discovering” are outlined in the pages of the Bible.

  • Early Church History – Using written materials with our accrediting partner Christian History Institute and a textbook written by Dr. James Orr. Early Church History surveys the history of the early church from the Resurrection of Jesus Christ until St. Augustine.
  • Church History – This course looks at major events and key persons in the history of the Christian church. Such study helps us to see God’s faithfulness in the past and to better understand the church’s present challenges and opportunities.
  • Christian Apologetics – This ministry training course introduces students to basic issues in apologetics (defending and contending for the faith). Students learn biblical worldview, cultural analysis, and presenting the gospel in a way that shows its plausibility and addresses common objections.
  • Christian Ethics – This course focuses on living according to God’s pattern for us. We study biblical commands and their wise application to various life situations. We expose demonic strategies of temptation and learn about spiritual warfare. We seek ways to express the Christ-life within us by the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • Missions and Revivals – This class looks at mighty things the Holy Spirit has done at various times and places, causing the church to grow in holiness, power, and numbers. By examining major mission advances and revivals, we gain insights for mission and revival in our own time and place.
  • People Smart for Ministry – This course discusses caring for others pastorally as well as strengthening your own marriage. Whether you are married or not, this course gets at the spiritual principles of what makes a powerful kingdom partnership as a husband and wife become one spiritually, emotionally and sexually. If you are married it is recommended that your spouse participate with you in going through this course.

These classes will really help put Christianity in perspective. You’ll get to look at Christianity lived out in the past, the great revivals and how God worked in those, and finally present challenges for Christianity in the modern world and how to overcome them.